4ten 4e Ocakbaşı is serving in Beyoglu as in the heart of Istanbul which is the one center of entertainment and food, in a historical tavern, to its privileged customers with its modern architecture and insight of entertainment. As a family business, 4ten4e Ocakbaşı presents a different concept to its arriving guests with the warmest atmosphere, the delicious meals and an intimate occasion of cose.

Bridging the taste and the entertainment by the slogan of "We Are Boozing", 4ten4e Ocakbaşı is hosting its guests until 4 a.m. on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays as they are the first to create the concept of “Tavern On Call” in Turkey with its broad musical archive dating way back to the day.

Hosting its guests arriving from every corner of Istanbul and abroad, one of the traits that make 4ten4e Ocakbaşı indispensable is the warm atmosphere of the place. This is the new home of yours where you are welcome to make yourselves at home, where the cose and the laughter brims over, where you can share not only your joy, but also your grief as well as your worries. The cuisine of 4ten4’e Ocakbaşı is, on the other hand, flavoring taste buds with the local tastes.

4ten 4e Ocakbaşı, receiving the meats from Balıkesir well known for husbandry; turnip from Tarsus; olive and olive oil from Manisa, Saruhanlı; thyme from the highlands of Sivas, stick pickles from Konya, kadayif from Antep and stonecrop from Kaş, offers quite appealing and magnificent tastes where local products are used.

For sure, what matters to us is to contribute to a delicious chat of people where they can feel themselves comfortable in an intimate occasion with their friends.

Wishing also to see you among us.

4ten4e Ocakbaşı

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